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Medial dislocation of the talus. Medium term evolution

04 JUN, 2014

Fifty-seven year old patient with open medial dislocation of the left talus, with suprasyndesmotic fracture of the fibula, due to indirect traumatism. The following were carried out: washing, cleaning the talus and the soft parts, Friedrich, reduction, fixing with Kirschner needles, suture of the deltoid ligament, and osteosynthesis of the fibula. There were neither surface nor deep post-operational infections. The patient underwent six weeks of immobilisation and spent three months on discharge. Two years later there were no radiological signs of avascular necrosis. In the osseous gammagraphy carried out 18 months after the lesion, partial avascular necrosis of the talus was observed. Three years after the lesion, the patient was able to carry out a normal life, without pain in repose but with pain whilst moving, and mobility with limitation of dorsoinflection (-20 masculine). Five and a half years after the lesion, the patient presented sinking of the talar dome due to avascular necrosis, with painful symptomatology whilst moving, and tibiofibular distal diastasis, which required ankle arthrodesis.

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