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Disc Herniation With Gas

13 ABR, 2014

Summary of Background Data: Intradiscal gas is associated with tumors, infection, trauma, therapeutic and diagnostic spinal procedures, deposit illnesses, and disc degeneration. The existence of gas within the spinal canal has been seen on 17 occasions, of which 13 were associated with discal hernias.

Methods: In this study, 19 additional patients with intraspinal gas corresponding to discal hernias are presented, six of whom required surgical treatment. The association of intraspinal gas with intradural hernias frequently is reported in the literature, although this has not been proven in our group. Intrahernial gas is associated with patients who have chronic problems and with advanced age.

Conclusion: Intrahernial gas is much more common than is indicated in the literature. This finding often goes unnoticed, and the association between intradiscal gas and intradural hernias should be kept in mind.

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